That escalated quickly!

The BUX BURGER story.

This is a story about friendship, bravery, loyalty and a grain of luck!

Our story is placed, where only this tale could begin.
A mid-sized town in the North of Germany, called Osnabrück.
But before the real adventure can begin,
my creators had to leave town.

And so two friends went out to see the world..

Two young men with backpacks

.. and came across a simple idea, that could change the world.

Making valuable food out of tasty insects.
In 2010 on a one-year trip, the explorers Baris and Max try eating insects for the first time.

There lies his root! The origin of Germany's first insectburger!..

Man eating a grasshopper

..Back in Germany,

with the memory of appetizing smell and taste of freshly fried insects, fascinated by the idea of eating insects, the so-called Entomophagy, Geographer Max investigates the advantages of insects in comparison with regular meat within the scope of his bachelor thesis. Packed with a heavy bag of convincing arguments, the two begin their initially tenuous first walking attempts to create the first sample of their first product in Bremen..

first attempts making an insect burger

“Ideas are easy, implementation is hard.”

... especially when you want to do it right!
Therefore, the creatives get professional help developing great taste and texture together with DIL e.V., one of the leading food technology research institutes in Europe. Repeated support by the FOOD FUTURE programme and crucial ideally support from pulling forces like Max Kultscher, who joined the Bugfoundation-Team in March 2015 helped pushing the revolution forward. 

Max and Baris on their way of making eating insects something normal in the whole Western World...

Man giving a speech

..Waste not, want not!

At that time Baris, Max the 1st and Max the 2nd are working from their provisory office, the attic in Osnabrück.

But the Bugfoundation is jointly walking uphill!..

Three men sitting on a couch with laptops on their knees

..Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Lots of culinary burger tastings later, the time has come to..

first insect burger dinner

.. reach the first mountain climb!

Our insectburger 1.0. is finally presenting himself in public.
It took us almost two years from the founder’s innovative brainstorm in 2013 and a lot of passionate hard work until we arrive where we are in October 2015.
Henry Ford’s saying “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.” inspires Max on his path as founder. 
The deliciously developed burger now is available in two restaurants in Brussels. Time to..

woman holding the insect burger in front of a restaurant

.. celebrate good times – COME ON!

The Bugfoundation is celebrating it's mountain climb and first success in Belgium! It's such a great feeling to finally see our burger in a beautiful Belgian Restaurant. Meanwhile, we have started a huge EU-funded research project ("FOOD FUTURE"), to keep improving the young edible insect industry. 
… aaaaand FINALLY moved to our new beloved Bugfoundation HEADQUARTERS building in Osnabrück...

Max and Baris in the kitchen of their first office

..There is no such thing as lazy Sundays!

And our evening hours pay off..

woman sitting in front of her computer while sun sets

..We get rewarded!

In 2016, we get rewarded four times for our brave innovation.


three man on stage during an awards show

.. enjoy the snowball effect.

Baris and Max present the Bugfoundation and THE ORIGINAL - Germany's first insectburger,
to all leading representatives of METRO Group. And..

three man holding a speech

.. make hay while the sun shines!

At the "Horecava", THE international trade fair in the Netherlands, we enjoy being overrun by thousands of curious visitors, who loved the taste of our extraordinary product… Tons of positive feedback and great business opportunities in four exhausting days. Phew!

crowd in front of the Bugfoundation booth during a fair

.. for Germany's first insectburger to bare it all!

By now, our burger got optimized several times and are ready to shine in front of each camera!
Still, we think it is better to get the emperor new clothes.
Soon he`ll need his beautiful wrapping. But first, they send us..

first packaging of the insect burger


With the transformation of the Bugfoundation GbR into the Bugfoundation GmbH we take a crucial step towards our aim of entering the German market in 2018! With strengthened tailwinds and three Business Angel Investors at our side, we let the machinery run at full blast!

Finally, our insectburger is also running down the..

five men standing in front of a building

.. conveyor belt. LET´S GO!

At this place of our story, I want to remind you of how long it took, to come from an innovative brainstorm to this day, when the first insect based product of the Bugfoundation is running down the conveyor belt! Another moment, we want to share with all those, who are believing in an idea of two idealists, Max and Baris.

We invite you to..

two people in the hall where the insect burger is being produced

.. think out of the box!

A population likely sticks to the food it`s used to. With the consumption of insects, people from western countries rather associate negative impacts. Nevertheless, we – the older generations - simply imply this picture to our children’s minds. That’s where the project days “Off the track” at the secondary school “In der Wüste” in Osnabrück tried to affect pupils attitude. We’re glad experiencing the children`s enthusiasm who joined the workshop “Insect Cuisine”.

Would you dare to taste the change? We even...

school class in a classroom

... make an impression on important decision-makers.

We're present at the International Green Week 2018 in Berlin.
Around 5000 appetitzers of Germany's first insectburger get snatched
from our hands at the joint stand with BLL/BVE. The response was extremely positive.

There hardly exist more fulfilling feedback! Though,...

woman trying the insect burger at a fair

We are on the advance

In the meantime our location map changed a bit. All year long we are working hard, to bring Germany’s first insect burger to all of Germany (and then the world). 
Why are we doing this? So you have a chance to taste the future. 

Since the beginning of February 2019 you can buy our insect burger in all tegut supermarkets. 

Just have a look at our locations to find a store nearby.

hand holding the insect burger packaging in front of a tegut supermarket

Ever wondered what the day after tomorrow tastes like?

In february we reached another milestone: Our insect burger is available at the burger grill „Hans im Glück“ as Übermorgen-Burger. „Übermorgen“ means „the day after tomorrow“ in German. 

Together with Hans im Glück we’d like to give customers a new perspective about their eating habits. The „Übermorgen“-burger tastes like more: Between a crunchy ciabatta bun, topped with veggie tartar, herb salat and vegan burgersauce, our insect burger is coming into its own. Yum!

Find a Hans im Glück nearby and taste the change.

Übermorgen Burger at Hans im Glück Restaurant

world ...

the time has come to push some buttons.


Wheeeere can I eat this lovely good looking burger made of insects? Here are all the locations across europe!


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