The bugfoundation team.

Bonjour. Hi. Moin. Hej. Hoi. Dag. Hello. Aloha.

Maximilian Kultscher

If anybody can sell you a ballpoint pen it's Max. He's the one finding a way to make it marketable. His goal-oriented work method true to the motto "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans" keeps him remaining vigilant while being responsible for IT and corporate structure.

Max Krämer

In 2011, the restless founder came across fried crickets in Asia and subsequently wrote his bachelor thesis about the benefits of eating insects two years later. A driven perfectionist with his innovative hands on every field whose focus lies on product development and production.

Lisa Neher

The door opens and Lisa is walking into the office with a smile on her lips. Online or offline - there's nothing that's passing without her noticing. 
She draws, plans and realizes our online marketing activities. Hearty, creative, targeted and structured as her colleagues would say. Her cup of tea is finished, the smile stays and the office door closes. But tomorrow Lisa will return and proceed her online tasks. 

Vanessa Humburg

As an intern at the Bugfoundation Vanessa is dedicated to our production and supply chain management. With her sympathetic and aim-oriented nature she's investigating our jungle of suppliers and producers. With her awesome excel-skills she's trying to improve all the processes.
Although she maintains a vegan lifestyle she's willing to make an exception for bugs.

Baris Özel

A creative mind and motivator powering himself and others with a chronical good mood who founded the Bugfoundation together with his long-standing friend Max. Early practice makes perfect - Starting with purchase and sale of Playmobil in the 9th grade the two were business partners ever since. A passionate in creative marketing strategies and project planning.

Niklas Krug

In one sentence: He always is reliable.
Niklas constantly sticks to the 7 R of logistics. The right products are coordinated to the right customers at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantity, in the right quality and at the right cost.
Did we already say that this man is reliable?! Our haven of peace with an overview, when it gets stressful.

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