Frequently Asked Questions


• Where can I buy the insect burger?


Please find your answer here.


• Can the Insect Burger be sent to me?


We currently do not ship our insect burger to private customers, as the shipping of deep frozen products is expensive and not very ecological.

Please visit our selling point overview, to find out where you can buy our products.


• How does Germany's first insectburger taste like?


LEKKER! Seriously … the insectburger is all about taste! Still, it’s difficult to describe how it exactly tastes like. There is just no such product as our BEAT BURGER. We recommend combining our burger with a smoky Barbecue Sauce or a creamy Pepper Sauce with which the patty harmonizes incredibly well. The distinctive original taste shall remain unchanged, so it’s for sure! If you want to get a real own impression its unique taste, devour it all by yourself!


• The insectburger is made of ... ?


Please find all information on the ingredients and nutritional aspects here

• Why frozen and how to prepare the frozen burger patty?


Our BEAT BURGER is a frozen food product as it guarantees the freshness of all ingredients and a long shelf-life.

Our BEAT BURGER is designed to be prepared directly, without tedious defrosting. Just as simple as preparing a pizza! Single Consumer or Chef de Cuisine, it couldn't be easier for whomever prepares a delicious individualized insectburger. Detailed preparation instructions are placed on each packaging. 


• Is the insectburger vegetarian or even vegan?


Our insectburger is made of buffalo-insects which means it is definitely not a vegetarian or even vegan food product. Insects are animals and therefore generally not included in a vegetarian or vegan diet. But the insects are the only ingredients of animal origin in the product, which makes it "ento-vegan". 
However, the breeding conditions can be assessed as species-appropriate compared to intensive livestock farming in the common meat producing industry. Besides, insects generally contain highly valuable proteins and are usually dense in important micronutrients such as iron, zinc and B-vitamins.
As opposed to regular meat, insects are more sustainable and resource-saving food for the future.


• Where are the Bugfoundation’s insects from?
• How are the buffalo-insects grown?
• more questions?


Your question could not have been answered? Feel free to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as fast as we can. 


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