Revolution on the plate

Insects are protein source and future food.

4 damn good reasons to eat the insectburger.

1. It is delicious

It is aromatic, wonderfully crunchy on the outside, though luscious inside!
The Bugfoundation completely dedicates itself to taste, taste and… taste! It is time to say 'Goodbye' to tasteless meat alternatives and welcome Germany's first insectburger. Great nutty flavoured buffalo worms (alphitobius diaperinus) and selected vegetarian ingredients form a clean label product without any artificial additives. BUT! We don’t want to jabber around. It’s for sure! If you want to get a real own impression of the unique insectburgers taste, devour it all by yourself!

Yummy looking insect burger

2. It is good for you!

Boost your mineral mass balance! Insects generally contain highly valuable proteins and usually are dense in important micronutrients such as iron, zinc and B-vitamins. In the light of iron and zinc deficiencies even in highly developed countries, this is important. Compared to meat, insects have a more favorable fatty acids profile providing more mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids and less saturated fatty acids. Our insectburger is rich in protein and unsaturated fats as well as a source for Vitamin-B. Do yourself something positive!

3 good reasons to eat an insect burger

3. It is eco friendly

The ecological footstep is more than convincing!
Insect rearing requires 10 times less feed than the equivalent amount of conventional beef and therefore reduces water and land usage drastically. They emit considerably less greenhouse gases – up to 100 times less than cattle – and also their water consumption is a minimum of what traditional livestock requires: Cows for example drink around 80 liters of water per day. On the contrary, insects are drought resistant, almost do not consume any water and for their cultivation, no hormones nor antibiotic or similar substances are needed and used. No needs to regret!

(Sources: Oonicx and de Beur 2012, FAO 2013)

production of beef and insect meat in comparison

4. It is ethical

Oh brother where art though?!
Most insects naturally live together in masses and feel comfortable all together. Where mass animal keeping is a critical issue for the consumer nowadays, this argument does not hold for worms as they can easily be bread species-appropriately. It is also supposed that insects feel no or at least less pain than mammals. Further, no antibiotics, hormones and other artificial and critical substances are needed and used to grow the insects for our Burger.

crowd of people around the insect burger

world ...

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Wheeeere can I eat this lovely good looking burger made of insects? Here are all the locations across europe!


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