Insect burgers for gastronomy

insect burger between a wholewheat bun, held by hands

Are you ready for the food revolution on your menu? Then you've come to the right place!

Since April 2018 you can find our insect burger in many German supermarkets. But we quickly noticed that the gastronomy is also demanding new, innovative and sustainable products.

Germany's first insect burger consists of roughly 30% buffalo worms. How does it taste? Most people describe the taste as meaty and nutty. It is also reminiscent of falafel.

Are you looking for a new taste for your business? Let's revolutionize the catering industry together!



What our customers say


Forrest Cook, das etwas andere Kinderessen, aus Hamburg

Forrest Cook

Nicole Mündelein-Pinks, Management | Hamburg

At Forrest Cook, fresh food is cooked daily for daycare centres at four locations in Hamburg. The highest quality standards are guaranteed in the purchase and preparation of food: Only the best regional ingredients from sustainable cultivation are processed into delicious children's food.

Because sustainability is a top priority at Forrest Cook, the team is also dealing with alternative protein sources and is constantly on the lookout for new, tasty foods.
That's why our insect burger was on the menu for the first time in June. On the one hand classically served as a mini burger, on the other it worked as a replacement for meatballs. The patty was served with mashed potatoes and corn - delicious!

The insect burger was well received in the daycare centres: "It was very great to see how the individual daycare centres reacted and dared to try out the patty in the individual groups".

For the future, Mrs. Mündelein-Pinks would like to see small insect balls, which can be used as soup inlays. This is sure to go down well with the children!

Burger Übermorgen bei Hans im Glück mit Insektenburger

Hans im Glück

Peter Prislin, Chief Marketing Officer | Munich

At the restaurant chain Hans im Glück our insect burger was served in February 2019 for a test period of six weeks. It was available in 49 of 66 stores under the name ÜBERMORGEN.
Hans im Glück always relies on fresh and sustainable ingredients when preparing their burgers.

For Peter Prislin the insect burger was a logical step: "We are constantly concerned with the responsible and sustainable use of resources. So it was natural for us to look for meat alternatives." The insect burger is intended to provide guests with food for thought and a glimpse into the future of nutrition. That's why the burger is also called ÜBERMORGEN, which translates with „the day after tomorrow“.

The burger was very well received by the guests - which is also proven by the fact that the 10,000 ordered patties were sold out before the end of the 6-week test period. Even guests who had not tried ÜBERMORGEN praised the campaign.

By the way, Peter Prislin does not see the insect burger as a test of courage, as it does not require any courage to try the burger. One simply has to be open to new things and wants to broaden one's horizons.


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